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About Us

About Us

About Us

MyPacifier™ - The first personalized pacifier

At MyPacifier™, we have been engraving pacifiers since 2005. Our founder, Pia Callesen, came up with the idea when her eldest child, Frederik, was to start at nursery school. Frederik's pacifier constantly disappeared or had ended up in another child's mouth when she came to pick him up.

After asking around in shops, it quickly became clear that personalised pacifiers did not exist on the market. Pia decided that it should be possible for her and other parents to buy a quality pacifier with an engraved name. This would put a stop to disappearing and mixed-up pacifiers.

Together with her husband, Pia started developing the right solution, and early 2005 they launched Navnesutten.dk, the initial Danish webshop. Since then, everything has gone very fast. Despite the fact that several pacifier manufacturers did not believe in the idea to begin with, our small company has grown so much that today, in addition to selling MyPacifiers in Denmark, we export personalised pacifiers to the whole of Scandinavia, large parts of Europe and the USA.

What is a MyPacifier™?

At MyPacifier.com you can have your child’s name or a short text engraved on your child's favourite pacifier, from e.g. BIBS, Philips Avent, NUK and several other brands. The MyPacifiers are available in many different models, sizes and colours, and we can engrave up to three lines of text on the MyPacifier.

Whether it is at nursery school, day care, playgroup or other places where several children are gathered, MyPacifier™ can remedy the problem of disappearing and mixed-up pacifiers  - and in this way also the transfer of bacteria and infections between children.

We place great emphasis on quality, both in relation to the products and the engraving, because we always want our customers to receive a durable quality product that is both beautiful and unique. This is why at MyPacifier.com you can only buy pacifiers from the leading manufacturers in Europe and the USA. All our pacifiers are compliant with EU Standard EN 1400 and are BPA- PVC and phthalate free.

🌿 We also want to take care of ours and the children's surroundings. That is why all our packaging bags are produced from 100% recycled plastic, and we generally try to keep the packaging consumption to a minimum. 🌿

The best customer experience

We take pride in giving you a good experience when you buy pacifiers at MyPacifier.com. If you are not sure which size or type of pacifier to choose, our customer service team is ready to answer your questions. We have more than 17 years of experience with pacifiers from many ​​different manufacturers, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

We process all orders within one working day. All orders are shipped by mail on the same day and will quickly arrive directly to your mailbox.

Many kind regards,

- Team MyPacifier

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