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Press attention for MyPacifier

Desert Living Magazine 5/1/2008
Better Suck Next Time
Ever wonder if that pacifier in your kid?s mouth is actually his/hers? Are you sure you picked up the right one when it dropped to the floor in the mall? Pia Callesen of Denmark wanted to match the pacifier with the baby so she created Navnesutten, a customizing pacifier company. Now operating in the U.S. under MyPacifier, the stylish suckers come in many styles and colors. Just tell them what you want to say, and voilà! Set of 3, $15. -Britnee Penson 3/6/2008
Couples Love Working Together
Kim and Carol Pedersen own MyPacifier, the U.S. distributor for personalized pacifiers invented and manufactured in Denmark. The pacifiers have the child's name or another slogan printed on them so they won't vanish or end up in another child's mouth. The Pedersens make decisions together. Kim, who retired last year, has the more active role because Carol still works full-time for the city of Fremont, California. Kim typically checks with Carol before making any major decisions. Still, "When we need to make a decision fast, he makes an executive decision," Carol says.
"If your marriage is one where you argue over the drapes, you're going to argue over the business," Kim says. "We're fortunate that, in our marriage, we don't get into major disputes." He adds, "She's tolerant of my wild ideas."
Whoever had more talent in a particular area ended up doing that job, he says. As the more creative partner, Kim does artwork for advertisements and comes up with marketing ideas. Carol works with customers and handles the bookkeeping.
Kim is constantly coming up with ideas, and Carol says she used to get tense, wondering how far he would go with the wilder ones. "Now I just ignore him. There's a 75 percent chance he's not going to do what he says he's going to do," she says. He did, however, build a small but rideable roller coaster in their backyard, then constructed a backyard monorail when they moved to another house.
OK Magazine 2/29/2008
Larry Birkhead pacified!
Larry Birkhead may not be a movie star, but that didn't stop the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl Dannielynn Birkhead from popping into the gifting room at the recent Night of 100 Stars party at the Beverly Hills Hotel.But Larry wasn't thinking only of himself when he sidled up to the folks from Personalized Pacifiers. "When he came to our table, I told him it bothered me to see his beautiful baby on TV with a regular old pacifier in her mouth when she should have one of her own MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers," company owner Carol Pedersen tells OK!. "He was very gracious." And according to Carol's husband, Kim Pedersen, former photographer Larry had no problem playing to the camera. "He stuck the thing in his mouth and let us take a picture," says Kim, "so he must have been in good spirits." Larry, who was there with his publicist and a few friends, picked out the "My Dad Rocks" pacifier himself.
St. Joseph News-Press 2/2/2008
Sylvia Says: Personalized pacifier at least keeps germs at bay
I used to watch with envy as my friends would quickly calm their crying babies with a pacifier. Not one of my three children would have anything to do with the dummies (what the British aptly call them) for any length of time. I tried all shapes and sizes, with the same reaction every time: a disgusted look, followed by a decisive rejection onto the floor. Maybe they wanted something more personal.
A Denmark mother, Pia Callesen, came up with the idea of personalized pacifiers. She became frustrated when picking up her baby at daycare, only to find the child sucking on another baby?s pacifier. Personalized pacifiers certainly seem like a logical idea for children in a group situation and would make a clever baby shower gift. But clever or not, the baby has to like it or it?s worthless. Since my brood are not babies anymore, I asked reporter Kristen Hare to test one out on her 4-month- old son, Max.
Max was not impressed with the pacifier initially. After the first day, Kristen reported he simply did not like it at all, personalized or not. The plastic, she said, is more rigid than the ones her son had been using. But a few days later, as I was about to write this, Kristen stopped me, excitement in her voice.?It took him awhile,? she exclaimed, ?but now he won?t take anything else.?
The bottom line: When you?ve got a crying baby, you will try about anything to make him or her happy. Since every baby is different, there is no guarantee on what will work. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics does approve of pacifiers for the first year or so. So If a personalized pacifier does the trick, why not. And if it reduces the chance of germ swapping, more power to it.
It will definitely impress your friends at a baby shower. You also can get creative. The Web site shows one of the pacifiers with the words ?mute button,? instead of the baby?s name. MyPacifier comes in a set of three for $15. Order them on
DIRECT Magazine 12/19/2007
Pacifier Firm Markets Through Web, Magazines and PR
About two years ago, Kim Pedersen, a former employee of the city government of Fremont, CA, got an idea from Pia Callesen, a relative in Denmark: personalized baby pacifiers.
Drawing on his knowledge of American business from his career in the local business tax division, he and his wife Carol thought they might take a stab at selling the product stateside.
So by March of last year, the two had set up MyPacifier (, a company that markets only pacifiers with the baby's names on them.
"We personalize them so they don't get switched at the day care center, so there's no germ swapping," says Pedersen. "Plus it's just a cute gift for baby showers."
But marketing the firm was admittedly a from-the-ground-up process, says Pedersen."Neither Carol nor I have a marketing background but Pia does so we've been able to get a lot of tips from her. But a lot of it's self-taught and a lot of experimentation on how to figure out how to get attention," he notes.At first, getting press attention was key.
So the company began doing things like holding "pacifier parties" where it gave out free product and attending press events like a charity event at Universal Studios with celebrities such as actresses from "Desperate Housewives." got mentions on other TV shows and in the family sections of local newspapers, he says. The company also began running ads in magazines like American Baby, Parents and similar publications.
By far, the company's principal revenue source is its Web site, says Pedersen, and it's currently enjoying some high rankings. For example, on Google earlier this, the firm ranked number one in paid and number two in organic under the words "personalized pacifiers."
To date, the company has amassed about 20,000 customers, says Pedersen."Were really quite pleased, especially given the more we learn about how difficult it is to start up a business and get attention," he says, noting the firm has given him an unexpectedly different view of what retirement would look like. 11/12/2007
The Binky Fairy
I have to tell this story from my friend because I cannot speak from experience. My first refused the pacifier and now the second is doing the same. My friend Jennie recently had to hold her young son's hand through the letting-go-of-the-binky process and this is how she did it. She talked to him about the existence of the "Binky Fairy" and what the binky fairy does in this world. She told him that it was her job to collect all the binkies and distribute them to the new babies that were on the way. They took little baggies and wrote notes to the new babies and placed each binky in the individual baggies. He put them on the dresser so the Binky Fairy could easily find them and by the next morning POOF! they were gone. Now, he did give up his afternoon nap for a few days, but it's been a week now and there has been no fussing for the binky. Very creative. You might want to give this one a try.
Since the holidays are coming, get in the spirit and dress your little one accordingly. My Pacifier is the mommy-invented product that helps avoid the spread of germs from pacifier swapping. Available in a variety of colors MyPacifiertm Personalized Pacifiers are made of the finest quality materials and can be personalized to fit your imagination! Check them out here:
Girly Things ?why I love being a girl 7/31/2007
Wow, it?s been a crazy day. The movers had a cancellation for tomorrow morning, so we are busting our rear ends trying to get everything packed and ready to go! Yikes. Gigi and her cousin Jake have been running around like little hellions, so loud and rambunctious. I really needed Gigi to calm down and take a chill-out session for a bit and when it comes to dire straights, she is allowed to enjoy a pacifier.
I got this new pacifier I wanted to show you. I posted a picture of Gigi enjoying it. MUTE BUTTON! How cute is that? And, it actually worked like a charm.
It?s from, where you can get personalized pacifiers. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors. The main idea behind the concept of personalized binkies came from the product?s inventor and her irritation about all the pacifier swapping that tends to go on in daycares because caregivers never know which paci belongs to which kid. What an ingenious solution, huh?
Christian Retailing 7/2/2007
New babyware faith line
A Fremont, Calif., company started bym a mother is now providing personalized pacifiers for babies and toddlers that include faith-based sayings or scripture. MyPacifier joins in on the personalization craze and helps consumers choose a style, color and unique saying to fit each child. Designs can include a child?s name, sayings from Bible verses or simple messages such as, ?God Rocks,? ?WWJD,? ?I Love Jesus,? ?Bless This Child,? ?God?s Gift,? ?Got God?? or ?Jesus Loves Me.? The orthodontic pacifiers come in an array of colors and styles and can include up to three customized words, which won?t rub off. The pacifiers retail three for $15 suggested retail price, or the more the shopper buys, the more he or she saves. The pacifiers come with either silicone or latex nipples. Custom printings may take up to two weeks. The MyPacifier product has gained attention, making an appearance on The Tony Danza Show and being placed in the gift baskets of actors from popular TV shows.
For more information, visit
Erie Times-News 6/13/2007
As any father knows, the pacifier is worth as much to the parents as the child who takes it. If flying lessons are a bit lofty for your budget, check out personalized pacifiers for baby that read 'Daddy's Girl' or 'My Dad Rocks.' MyPacifier can be personalized with not only names but clever sayins, such as "Mute Button" and "Sassy Pants." You can order three for $15 at
Whats On Las Vegas 5/22/2007
It's Vegas, BABY!
(MyPacifiers can help parents travelling to Vegas have a peaceful experience)
Be a Pacifist
Everyone knows if a baby has trouble settling down, a pacifier will usually do the trick. In fact, traveling parents have come to rely on them for keeping babies calm on planes and during long car trips.
Now MyPacifiers will create custom pacifiers for you. The company was originally founded to solve the problem of figuring out which pacifier belonged to which baby by printing a child?s name on it (like ?Lily,? as pictured here).
MyPacifiers can also print fun messages like: ?Grandma?s Sweet Little Angel? or even ?It?s Vegas, Baby!?
If you are coming to Vegas by plane, just imagine the goodwill a message like ?Have a Nice Flight? will garner. Your custom pacifier will send positive vibes to nearby seatmates who might secretly be dreading a long and noisy trip. Or you might try to go for a big laugh by getting a pacifier that reads: ?I Crapped Out in Vegas.?
Visit and simply pick out a name, message, color and style. They?ll do the rest! Prices start at three pacifiers for $15.
Parenting® 2/7/2007
OUR DAILY FAVE: Personalized Paci
At last, no more mixed-up pacifiers at playdates or daycare! These cool new ones can be custom-printed with your child's name or any other message you want, up to two lines long. (We think "My mom rocks!" is a good choice.) They make great baby-shower gifts, too. ($15 for three, including custom printing;
The Tennessean 1/8/2007
Don't pass the paci
Sooner or later, it's bound to happen: You go to pick up your baby from day care and find another child's pacifier in his mouth. It's not just an inconvenience; it's also a matter of spreading germs from child to child. Enter "MyPacifier," a personalized pacifier with your child's name printed right on it. There's room for up to two lines of text, and a set of three pacifiers goes for $15. The pacifiers come with either silicone or latex nipples; find out more at
Costco Connection 1/4/2007
Personalized pacifiers
ANY PARENT who has ever lost a child?s pacifier knows that uh-oh feeling: ?Is that one of my child?s?? ?Is it safe to use again?? ?Can I answer these questions before all #X%#@# breaks loose??
Costco members Kim and Carol Pedersen have one of the answers. Their company, (, in Fremont, California, allows personalization of pacifiers for easy identification to answer the first question. The low cost ($15 for three, discounts for bigger orders) facilitates multiple purchases to keep a stockpile handy so you won?t fret about the latter two.
The product was created by Kim?s cousin, Pia Callesen, in Denmark in 2005 under the name Navnesutten©. The Pedersen were offered the opportunity to be the sole distributor in the United States. The site went live in March 2006, and it didn?t take long to prove the business has teeth. keeps a stockpile of the most common names in order to facilitate three- to seven-day delivery on orders. Custom printings may take up to two weeks.
MyPacifiers have achieved a touch of fame, making an appearance on The Tony Danza Show and being placed in the gift baskets of award-nominated actors from 24, Desperate Housewives, Grey?s Anatomy, Lost and others. No word on whether the recipients use them to avert tantrums on the set.
? Steve Fisher
Mahoning Valley Parent 1/1/2007
Who's Who for Kids
MyPacifer Personalized Pacifer is the mommy-invented product that helps avoid the spread of germs from pacifier swapping and makes a stylish and unique gift. MyPacifiers are available in different colors and with either silicone or latex nipples. There is room for up to two lines of text to show your child's name on each pacifier. A set of three retails for $15 at
San Francisco Chronicle 11/26/2006
Personalized pacifiers
A Danish mother was appalled to find her son with other children's pacifiers in his mouth when she went to pick him up at day care. She started a business selling personalized pacifiers. Now her relatives in Fremont, Kim and Carol Pedersen, are selling them in the United States through a company called MyPacifier.
Top Nominee TV stars receive MyPacifiers in gift bags 8/28/2006
The hottest TV stars in America have received samples of the growing baby product rage, MyPacifier? Personalized Pacifiers, in Ultimate TV Nominee gift bags. Madison & Mulholland, the premier VIP gift bag and product placement company based in New York City, invited to be one of the exclusive club of businesses get their products showcased in gift bags that go to the top nominees of 2006. For the event, Hollywood-themed names were imprinted on the MyPacifiers. Some imprints included were: ?Hollywood Princess,? ?Drama Queen,? ?Future A-lister,? ?$poiled,? ?A Star is Born,? and ?Let?s Do Lunch.? co-owner Kim Pedersen said, ?I think the gift bag MyPacifiers will show everyone that we can print just about anything on the pacifier. I bet we?ll hear from some of the stars wanting ?real names? of their babies on MyPacifier? Personalized Pacifiers. Of course we will happy to oblige!? The Ultimate Nominee gift bags are not only sent to the Hollywood stars, but they also end up being covered extensively through TV, Internet and print media.
Connecting Moms 8/24/2006
CM Product Review of
Don?t be a Germ Spreader, Get your own pacifier from
Our mom review is in and her's what MommaStaci says, "We recieved the pacifier's yesterday and had my little guy try them out for the night. Gavin?s first reaction to his new pacifiers from was ?Mommy, mommy, look, wow!? He was thrilled with them and had one in his mouth as soon as it was washed. The pacifiers are able to withstand the torment of a two-year-old, as they have already been thrown, stepped on, and chewed, and they made it through without a mark! The material is great, very durable, and the silicone portion is just the right size for a toddler?s mouth. Plus, the personalized name on the front is easy to read. My toddler felt very special when I showed him his name on it. I would definitely recommend this product to other moms. If your little ones are in daycare or playgroups, this would be a great way to keep track of their pacifiers. Thanks so much for the oppurtunity to do this!" Staci & Gavin.
The Argus, Fremont 5/1/2006
SANIYAH GAYTON, 2 months old, models his new pacifier Sunday at the MyPacifier party at Quarry Lakes Regional Park. is a new business, started by Fremont residents Carol and Kim Pedersen, that makes personalized pacifiers. The couple?s cousin has been manufacturing the pacifiers in Denmark, where they are reportedly a hit. Jerome and Elimisha Fussell, of Oakland, play with their daughter, Camden at the party. Xander Whittom, 14 months, plays while sucking on a pacifier.
The Tony Danza Show 3/15/2006
In mid-March of 2006, MyPacifier received its first American national television coverage, only weeks after first went online. Entertainer Tony Danza, best known for his TV sitcom personas in the long-running series ?Taxi? and ?Who?s the Boss,? has in recent years been starring on daytime television with his own nationally-syndicated talk show, ?The Tony Danza Show.? Carol Pedersen, co-owner of, noticed that Tony often fondly talked about his grandson, Nicholas David Danza. Carol thought he would appreciate little Nicholas having his own MyPacifier and sent a complimentary packet to Mr. Danza. Just a few days later Tony had his grandson on the show with a ?Nicholas? MyPacifier in his mouth! People in the audience ooohed and ahhhed at the product. One audience member asked excitedly, ?Where did you get it?? Tony replied ?Denmark!? Well, didn?t get a company name plug that day, but we know for a fact that MyPacifier had made its first splash into national American television. Enjoy your MyPacifier Nicholas, many are following your lead!


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Baby Mikey with his personalized pacifier