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About Us

Who are we?

MyPacifier was the first company to start selling personalized pacifiers in the USA.

'' is the Danish forerunner of Pia Callesen, mother of eight-year-old Frederik, six-year-old Emma, and baby twins Smilla and Christian, founded Navnesutten® in April of 2004. Pia wanted to solve the problems of missing and switched pacifiers once and for all.

Parents and daycare staff know the problem; children's pacifiers disappear or end up in another child's mouth, spreading germs and bacteria. MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers were developed to solve that problem. Pia says, "When I went to daycare to pick up Frederik, I often found Frederik with another child's pacifier in his mouth. At the same time I couldn't find Frederik's own pacifier anywhere."

Pia goes on to say, "I began searching for pacifiers with names on them, but I got the same answer in all the shops, 'buy a permanent marker pen and write his name on the pacifier or stick a name tag on it.' I decided that it should be possible for all parents to buy a quality pacifier with their child's name, and do away with problems of missing and switched pacifiers. The fact that these pacifiers look good and are personal makes them even more appealing."

When her website premiered in Denmark, the response was overwhelmingly favorable and personalized pacifiers started showing up in baby's mouths all across the country. Soon after premiering in Denmark, they exported their idea to neighbor countries in Europe.

The time was right for MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers in the United States, and we are very excited about the positive response they have received. We think it's an idea that is long overdue. Besides coming up with a creative idea, we are strong believers in quality products. We are very confident that you will be as happy with them too. Thank you for visiting and for your interest in MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers.
Pia, Frederik and Emma
Pia, Frederik and Emma
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